What Happens in Vegas Does Not Always Remain in Vegas

A Chicago woman recently filed suit against her ex-fiancé claiming that their pending marriage was terminated after she found text messages indicating he was intimate with a woman he met during his sin City bachelor party revelry.

The bride charged that her fiancé was unfaithful and refused to reimburse her the $62,814 she had already spent on a wedding and honeymoon that never took place.  The aggrieved bride to be is a lawyer.  She found text messages on her fiancé’s phone regarding his meeting a woman in Vegas, partying with her, and then having sex which her in his hotel room.

The ex-fiancé has denied anything untold happened during his bachelor party.  After being confronted and initially denying the hookup, the groom told his bride to be that he would not marry her.  According to the suit, the groom later admitted to the affair.

The lawsuit alleges breach of promise to marry and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  It also notes the bride made nonrefundable deposits for the reception, honeymoon and more and was humiliated when having to explain why the wedding was called off.

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Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace By George Wallace

Meatballs! Meatballs! Meatballs!

Rao’s has been around since 1896 and they’ve brought the tradition to Vegas along with the meatballs.  Dining at Rao’s is an experience you can’t miss. Its upbeat atmosphere and décor give the New York feel of its Harlem original.  The 10-table restaurant in New York said to be one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation was brought to Vegas in 2006, where it was made much larger and easier to get a table.  There are a few new additions, but the jukebox and celebrity photos are identical to the original.

When dining at Rao’s you have got to try the meatballs. Rao’s is famous for them and now I know why.   I ordered them with my meal, and they were better then I had expected.  Just as good as if you were on the East Coast.  The two baseball sized meatballs were served in a pool tomato sauce that was just excellent.

For dinner I chose the Gamberoni in Umido. The dish was excellent. The shrimp were served in lemon, butter, and white wine over pasta.  It was served from a personal saucepan and served gourmet style on my dinner plate.  Delicious!

When dining at Italian restaurants for dessert, the tiramisu is always an excellent choice.  For those of you who don’t know what tiramisu is, its Italian for “pick me up” referring to the espresso and cocoa it is typically made with.  I’ve had tiramisu at plenty of restaurants, but at Rao’s they certainly know how to put together a tasty dessert.

The food isn’t the only reason you should dine at Rao’s. The service they offer is terrific and the staff is always friendly and helpful.  The restaurant has been in the family for more than 100 years and you can tell they take great care in their service as the owner of the operation, Frank Pellegrino, usually can be found greeting guests in their dining area.

When you step in to Rao’s at Caesar’s Palace, be sure to let them know who sent you, George Wallace “The New Mr. Vegas.”  After dinner, make your way across Las Vegas Boulevard to see me performing “The Best 10PM Show” on the Strip at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino.

Downtown Dive set to close

Western Hotel and Casino will close Jan. 16

Cheap, dirty, and a dive. If you like that kind of stuff you will love this place because after a few days on the strip go there, no glitz no glamour and most of the patrons are locals and do have some great stories. One reason to go to Western is $1 shots, $1 beers and $1 Craps, plus they have $2 BJ- (insert joke here). Otherwise this is really not the typical Vegas crowd or atmosphere. The 41-year old property will close January 16th.

Make no mistake, this place is a dive, but it’s a fun dive!

Big Splash off the strip- H2O Park opens 2012

New 35 acre water park to be built in southwest Vegas at Fort Apache Road, near the Durango exit of I-215. “Splash Canyon” targets Memorial Day weekend in 2012 for its grand opening. Attractions include:

  • 17,000-square-foot Wave Pool with 3-foot-high waves and stages for event and party use
  • Three-Slide Complex with Multi-Rider Tube Slides (up to two or three people)
  • Big Slide Complex with two seven-story Speed Slides and a six-lane, head-first Mat Racer
  • 1,000-foot-long, 3-foot-deep Lazy River winding waterway
  • Children’s Water Playground with a toddler pool with three slides and splash pad features
  • Four-story RainFortress playground with a variety of slides, water spray features, and a 500-gallon bucket that dumps water over the structure

For more information and for special introductory $99 season passes please visit them on the web at www.splashlv.com.

11/11/11 Hits the Strip with a bang

11/11/11 – it is an day filled with luck and opportunity so the Las Vegas wedding chapels have been over flowing couples since midnight and being Veterans day all active members and veterans of the armed services with government-issued I.D. can visit a Caesars Entertainment property and pick up a free buffet pass.

For the rest of us, see a show for $11.11 on 11/11/11 at a Harrah’s Property. They have 11 choices all over the strip, plus many casinos have special jackpots going on too.

For example, At all the Station and Fiesta casinos, play cash games of hold’em on Nov. 11 and flop quad Jacks (while holding pocket Jacks) and you’ll get $11,111. Get quads on the turn or river and you’ll get $1,111.

It’s truly a lucky day to be on the strip.

Confessions of a Stripwalker

I was born at a very young age here in Las Vegas. My father was a prostitute and my mother was a former mine worker over in Chloride before she injured herself with a pick-axe while mining for Chlorox. Though her wound was exceptionally clean, it was deep enough that she would never be able to work again. Like everyone, we lived in a casino, and in our case it was the El Rancho. Before my mother’s accident we also had a vacation home down the street at the Flamingo, but we had to sell it in order to pay for her ongoing care. It was a tough life, but we were happy.

Once, on a nice autumn day when I was a teen, I was walking up and down the Strip with my father during “Take Your Kid to Work Day” and my father turned to me and said, “Son, I’m very proud of you and I want you to remember that this is America and you can be whatever you want.” As I pondered his words, a police officer came up and arrested him. Dumbfounded, I went back home to the El Rancho where I found my mother passed out on the floor, hopped up on prescription laudanum, a single unlit self-rolled tobacco cigarette dangling from her lips. I stepped over her to see what was in the icebox, since I hadn’t eaten for days, but as expected, there was nothing but half-melted ice blocks and tobacco leaves.

Starving and penniless, I headed back out to the Strip to try and make enough money for dinner by handing out racy flyers to tourists as they walked by me, snapping them together to get their attention. It was during this time that I met a nice mobster by the name of Jimmy “The Elbow” Macaroni. Jimmy took me under his wing and treated me like a son, which was convenient because my father died in jail that night and my mom accidentally burned the El Rancho to the ground with her cigarette while she slept.

At first, mob life wasn’t all that glamorous. My main duties were digging holes in the desert and procuring horse heads but eventually I realized that if I was going to get ahead I was going to have to cut out the middle man, so I saved up enough money to buy some land where I raised horses and rented out shallow graves to the mafia. I eventually found a wife and we had a few children, and together we had a great life being farmers for the mob until one day my wife slipped in one of the holes and broke her leg so we had to put her down.

My kids have since moved on with families of their own and I spend my remaining days writing my memiors while sipping Jim Beam at the Riviera sportsbook.