Take The Hangover Trivia Quiz

As Hangover 2 hits the theaters tomorrow, we decided to do a Hangover Trivia Quiz. 
We will post the answers in a few days or if you need a hint just post comment to our facebook page. 

How much was Villa per night?
What is Doug’s fiancee name?
What was baby Carlos real name?
What was name of tailor?
What was Phil’s name for Carlos?
How much did Stu take out of ATM?
What state did Alan’s grandfather die in?
Where else did Alan find a baby?
Driving to Vegas what town did Phil want to drive to?
What was name front desk girl at Caesars?
What size was Mr Chow’s boot?
What was there room #?
Name 5 casinos they visited? 
After blackjack what was there total bankroll?
Alan was busy next weekend going to what concert?
How many bridesmaids were there?
Name the place the guys get there tuxedo from?
What was cruise line that Melissa went on?
Phil kid plays what sport?
What was Alan catch phrase and where did he say it first?
In Vegas -What did Doug promise to do to the car?
What is Stu last name?